The Hybrid Group

We are passionate about making
useful things with technology.
With outstanding craftsmanship.

Based in Los Angeles & San Francisco, our software developers & designers specialize in
JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development, Application Design,
and most importantly, helping you solve problems.

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The Hybrid Group will be your partner to make you happy with our hard-won skills in
Web Development, Design, User Experience, and Hardware Integration.

Who We've Helped

You may not know it, but you've likely seen our work. We're proud to labor behind the scenes
with some of the best and brightest in the business.

The Hybrid Group writes text-book code. It's clean, well-tested, and we learned a lot from their code structure. They also produced some really cool open source projects using Pebble."

- Benjamin Bryant, Web and Ecommerce,

The Hybrid Group is crazy fast. They got their software integration working with our hardware before we got our own software working with our hardware. True story."

- Zach Supalla, CEO & Co-Founder,

We had built a working app, but needed expert development to help refine it. The Hybrid Group delivered. And even with an in-house team, we still call on them whenever we need the extra leverage of specialized knowledge or to push a deadline."

– Eric M. Jackson, CEO and Co-Founder,

The Hybrid Group has been a valuable partner that we've grown to trust and I look forward to working with them more. They have a deep knowledge of hardware and software that is unmatched. They get it."

- Ross Ingram, Community Manager,

One of the best business decisions I have ever made was selecting The Hybrid Group to build our web community. Not only did The Hybrid Group do what we asked from them, they were always one step ahead. The team is first rate and the comfort of knowing they have our back is priceless."

- David Codr, CEO/Founder,

The Hybrid Group helped us hit a seemingly impossible deadline. Usually quality is a tradeoff for speed but with The Hybrid Group you get both."

- Ian Hunter, CTO and Co-Founder,

What We've Created

We also built some things for ourselves, as seen in Vice, Wired (twice), Make, Fast Company, The Guardian UK,
The New York Times & The Next Web.

How We Can Help

You can augment your current development efforts, or increase your power to take on new projects.
Our team is ready to help you make it happen.

Add Features
We can add new features to your existing code, or remove what is getting in the way of success.
M2M Integration
Machine 2 Machine Integration that works with all of the hardware your business needs.
Mobile Apps
We specialize in hybrid mobile apps, and can take you native on iOS and Android when you're ready.
Scale Your App
Go big when you need it, we know how to help you handle seriously huge amounts of traffic.
Hook up API's
Get your app hooked up to outside services, or provide API's to other apps to add value.
User Experience
Your solution is only as good as your users think it is. We can help improve your design and implementation.

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