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What Is #Code2014?


In The Beginning

It all started from a single tweet sent by @deadprogram in 2009. From that one spark, #code2009 became an emergent phenomenon, at least in terms of those early days of social media.

Every year since, there has also been an annual informal Twitter survey of programming languages, with #code2010, #code2011, #code2012, and #code2013. Each year it has been created by and for the community itself. And each year it has grown, and evolved.

All About #Code2014

This year for #code2014, The Hybrid Group created a site at code2014.com to show the real-time data and to conduct data analysis, of the programming languages we all use.

Of course, the stats website is open source. It is written in Ruby and JavaScript, if you would like to check out the source code for Hashcode, it is on Github.

The counting algorithm is fairly simple. We look for matching keywords in tweets, using a list of programming languages and psuedonyms. We only allow each Twitter name to vote once per language, although we do allow them to go across separate tweets. So if someone tweets once about "C++" and then in a different tweet mentions "Golang", that person will have been counted for both programming languages.

We then display the most recent totals using d3.js and its "bubble" chart.

Why We Do This

We do this as a public service to the programming community that we are a part of. We do it for the joy of creation. And we do it, as programmers are known to do, simply because we can.

But #code2014 is, as always, what people choose to make of it for themselves. Of the thousands of people that have chosen to participate, each has their own reasons. Most responses are serious minded, some light hearted, some are parodies. There have even been a few spam attacks we've needed to circumvent. But taken in all, they are the many reflections of the different parts of the community to which we belong, simply by being creators of code.

Thank you very much to everyone who has participated for being a part of something special.

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