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So Much Open Source In 2014


Open Source Software For Hardware

We were incredibly busy over the last year with contributions to open source software for interacting with hardware. This included work on our own projects, as well as contributions to many other projects.

New Projects

We introduced Gort, ( the "CLI for RobotOps". Gort is written in the Go programming language, and allows you to scan serial ports, connect to Bluetooth devices, upload firmware, and much more.

We also introduced Rubyserial (, which is a brand-new multi-platform Ruby language serial port implementation. Rubyserial has been designed to be "future-proof" by supportting all major Ruby language implementations (MRI, JRuby, and Rubinius), while still remaining compatible with the old serialport Ruby gem.

The third new open source project that we introduced last year was (, a mobile app available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. is a "Universal Remote Control for Robots", that works with any device that supports our "Common Protocol for Programming Physical Input & Output" aka CPPP.IO API specification. Commander is a sophisticated hybrid app developed entirely using PhoneGap & Ionic Framework.

Ongoing Projects

In addition to releasing these brand new projects, we also shipped new updates of:


Other Projects

These were the projects that we directly maintain.

We also made many contributions to other open source projects. Our projects are created within a whole community of projects, many of which we depend on for our own existence.

Giving contributions back is a crucial part of maintaining the open source code which is a basis of the shared infrastructure of the 21st Century.

And it's proper and right that we should do so.

Thank You

Great work from all the teams and contributors that have made all of this possible. Thank you, everyone!

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