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The RobotsConf Lending Lab is Open


RobotsConf Lending Lab

We're really excited about being part of RobotsConf 2014. This year we've come prepared with lots of cool new gear, and of course support for many of these devices in our open source robots frameworks Cylon.js, Gobot, and Artoo.

Alongside that, we've also just recently introduced Commander, a mobile app for controlling robots, and updated Robeaux our web-based user interface for interacting with devices.

We've already got platform support for many of the companies that will be at RobotsConf. For example, we have full Cylon.js support for Spark, Tessel, and Pinoccio hardware.

The Hybrid Group has brought a lot of new and unique equipment with us that we want to let attendees at RobotsConf have a chance to play with, explore, and learn...

Cylon 0.21.0 is out


Just in time for RobotsConf, we've released Cylon 0.21.0! This release focuses on stability and simplifying some long-standing architecture concerns. For application developers there is new syntax making it more straightforward to specify many connections or devices, as well as new fluent syntax methods to help make it easier to set up robots.

Every Cylon.js release adds some new hardware support, and this time we've added cylon-ollie with early support for the new Ollie robot from our friends at Orbotix. Read more about the 0.21.0 release in the blog post "Cylon 0.21.0 is out!" on the Cylon.js site.

Control Robots From Your Phone Using Commander


With the ongoing evolution of the Internet of Things, your phone will become your primary source of control for the world around you. We would like to present to you our solution Commander (, a mobile app to trigger commands and receive events from robots and devices.

Cylon.js PhoneGap Spark Commander list layout Commander connection

You can have different types of user interfaces for the various interactions with your devices, depending on your needs. We currently support the following controls:

  • D-pad
  • Command list
  • Joystick

How It Works

Commander uses the Common Protocol for Programming Physical I/O to establish communication with the Cylon.js, Gobot or Artoo APIs.

It works based on layouts that can be customized to trigger custom actions for your own programs. You can...

Creating Multiplatform Precompiled Binaries for Node.js Modules


It is always a high priority here at The Hybrid Group to make Cylon.js, and all of the various Node.js modules that it depends on, easier to install and use. Using some of the coolest npm modules for developing require a long list of dependencies. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to help provide precomplied binaries for all major platforms, for the modules that we use in Cylon that have native dependencies.

This post details everything that we do to setup these builds, so that other maintainers can make life easier for users that want to install one of these modules. Read the extremely informative article "Creating Multiplatform Precompiled Binaries for Node.js Modules" on the Cylon.js blog.

Gobot 0.7 - The Big Release


We've been quietly (and not so quietly) working these last couple of months, and we've just released Gobot 0.7! Gobot is getting more powerful with each release and this is a very big one. Release 0.7 adds a lot of new capabilities, more test coverage, refactors code, and adds support for a whole bunch of new hardware platforms too. Read the full post here or checkout the changelog on Github,

Cylon 0.20.0 is out


Moving closer to Cylon 1.0.0, we've just finished releasing Cylon 0.20.X. Our newest release has more features for Application and Module Developers. And of course no Cylon.JS release would be complete without additional hardware support!

We're now up to 31 platforms, including cylon-ble enabling support for Bluetooth Low-Energy devices. Read about the update in our blog post titled "Cylon 0.20.0 is out!", or for a full changeset see the compare page on GitHub.

Running Robots From Your Browser With Cylon.js


Do you want to control robots with your browser or your mobile phone? Of course you do! With the latest release of Cylon.js, we make it easy to control robots and connected devices from your own browser-based and mobile applications.

Cylon.js now has the ability to be run with a browser, used through a Chrome App, or even embedded into a mobile app using PhoneGap. With these new features, the sky's the limit for Cylon! To find out more, check out our blog post on the Cylon.js site.

Winning the Dreamforce 500 With Cylon.js


Dreamforce 2014 was amazing for our Cylon.js team this year. Four days of booth demos, daily workshops, and a conference talk, made for a schedule that required the stamina of robots. It's a good thing that we brought plenty with us!

At our booth in the IoT DevZone we showcased a virtual racing game we created called the "Dreamforce 500." The game combined Sphero robots, the Phillips Hue, the Pebble smartwatch, and of course Salesforce, all brought together using Cylon.js. The game was a fun way to combine connected devices, wearable computing, and robots all in the form of a playable game.

Read more about our time at Dreamforce 2014 in our blog post "Winning the Dreamforce 500 With Cylon.js" on the Cylon site.

With The New Cylon.js 0.19.0, You Can Be Fluent Too


Cylon.js 0.19.0 is out! This release brings a number of exciting new changes for developers and is another big step closer to our 1.0.0 release. One key feature of this release is the ability for fluent syntax – useful to those familiar with jQuery or similar frameworks. This means you can now choose the best syntax for your preferred style of code.

The new release also comes packed with hardware support for the Philips Hue wireless lighting system. Read all about the many changes this new release brings in the article “With The New Cylon.js 0.19.0, You Can Be Fluent Too” on the Cylon.js blog.

Run Golang On The Intel Edison With Gobot


The Gobot team was in attendance at the recent Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, and as soon as we got our hands on the Edison we were trying to get it to run Golang. We immediately retired to a corner of the conference and started our work on getting the board to use Gobot for robotics and connected devices.

A blazing trail of code later, the Edison is now able to run Golang! We present to you the gobot-intel-iot, our support in Gobot for the Edison board's wonderful capabilities. Check out the code along with some videos of Gobot and the Intel Edison in action in the post Run Golang On The Intel Edison With Gobot on the gobot site.