So Much Open Source In 2014


Open Source Software For Hardware

We were incredibly busy over the last year with contributions to open source software for interacting with hardware. This included work on our own projects, as well as contributions to many other projects.

New Projects

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What Is #Code2014?


In The Beginning

It all started from a single tweet sent by @deadprogram in 2009. From that one spark, #code2009 became an emergent phenomenon, at least in terms of those early days of social media.

Every year since, there has also been an annual...

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RailsConf 2012

Web Development Events

We’re getting really excited about the upcoming RailsConf2012 in Austin, TX. Austin is a great city for music, BBQ, and oh yeah, technology. And not just because we have a couple of our people based there! We’re planning on renting a big house for...

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LARubyConf 2012 Update

Ruby Events

We were delighted to once again sponsor the Los Angeles Ruby Conference. With an amazing array of speakers, as well as the presence of so many remarkable attendees, we had a great time, as well as learned a lot.

The LA Ruby community has really grown...

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