Ruby On The Road With The Hybrid Group

October 9, 2010 · 3 minute read

We’ve been very busy on the road, as the Hybrid Group is trying to support the Ruby on Rails community across the country, and continent! We are doing this by helping sponsor Ruby and Ruby on Rails conferences. We want to share back directly with the community from which we have drawn so much. Contributing to open source is one way we love to interact with the Ruby community, but there’s also a need to interact with the Ruby community in the physical world. We love to see your faces, meet you, and have a good geeky time.

In September we sponsored and attended the fabulous Golden Gate Ruby Conference (GoGaRuCo) in San Francisco. A brilliant cast of speakers and attendees made it big hit, and was a great place to kick-off our road show for 2010. Great job @gogaruco organizers and staff!

This last week now in October, we just got back from the very cool Mountain.rb conference in Boulder, CO. Organized by long term Ruby friend Marty Haught, he really put in a lot of work to create a unique and awesome experience. First of all, amazing old cool theatre. Second, bar in the theatre. Third, a tremendous selection of cool speakers and attendees. This was a great formula, and we were very pleased to be able to help sponsor and attend such a great community experience.

Next up, we head south of the US border to Colima, Mexico, where we are one of the sponsors of MagmaRails, looking to be Mexico’s biggest Ruby on Rails conference yet. Both @dfischer and @deadprogram will be there, make sure to say ‘Hola’. Also make sure you catch “How To Jam in Code (En Español)” at @deadprogram’s presentation. We’re delighted to support Ruby and open source in México and are looking forward very much to our arrival next week. ¡@magmarails, nos vemos pronto!

Our last appearance in 2010 will be at RubyConf in New Orleans. Yes, we are a sponsor of the big one, and are very pleased to both support the Ruby community and the great City of New Orleans at the same time. Great thinking @rubyconf organizers! We are also humbled that our own @deadprogram will be speaking (in English this time) on “How To Jam In Code”. With the vast number of proposals submitted, we are very honored to have been included. It is going to be an amazing conference, and experience for everyone, and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Hybrid Group has really been on on the move the year, and we mean that literally! See you on the road…