RailsConf 2012

May 7, 2012 ยท 1 minute read

We’re getting really excited about the upcoming RailsConf2012 in Austin, TX. Austin is a great city for music, BBQ, and oh yeah, technology. And not just because we have a couple of our people based there! We’re planning on renting a big house for our crew, because we are going to have quite a few of The Hybrid Group at the conference. Come say hi!

There are going to be some great additional activities going on involved with the conference. The most exciting to us is the very first KidsCodeCamp being organized by The Hybrid Group, with the special help of Damon Clinkscales of Austin on Rails. Ruby, Scratch, and lots more will be hacked by kids of all-ages in a series of fun, hands-on classes to be held throughout the day on Sunday, April 22, before the main conference will begin on Monday.

If you are going to be at RailsConf2012, please try to come out and help us, we need volunteers throughout the day. If you have kids, or friends with kids, we suggest that you signup right away, as we are filling up the available spaces very quickly.

To register a kid, or as a volunteer, please go to http://kidscodecamp-railsconf2012.eventbrite.com/ and we will see “y’all” in Texas!